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We ask all participants to evaluate their experience at the end of Right Click, this gives us really useful feedback that helps develop the programme. We feel that as the numbers of families benefiting from Right Click grows that we have a real opportunity to contribute to professional understanding of how families need information and the range of ways that effective support can be delivered. To this end we would like you to indicate if you would be willing to be involved in research related to Right Click. At this stage we are not seeking a firm commitment but just an indication that you would be interested in hearing more from us in the future.

About your Child

In order to be able to provide the best support to you during the programme, it helps if we understand more about your child/teenager/adult and so we request that you complete the following questionnaire. Please be assured that all information will be strictly confidential.

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The programme will include advice on practical issues and will concentrate mainly on the development of self-help and basic skills. Please give a brief description of your Child/Teen's needs and abilities in the following areas, highlighting anything that causes you particular concern.

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Although the programme will mainly focus on the above key areas, please list any aspects that are of particular concern to you: